Friday, January 11, 2013

More About the Sun

After the last post about the sun, I had a fellow photographer, Adrian Davis point out to me that Ansel Adams made a "sunburn" photograph in 1939!  I didn't know.  After searching for more information about that photograph, I went to the link that he sent me.  Here is the work of another photographer using the same idea, yet totally different images from the three photographers in my last post. 

Ansel Adams, 1939

Harlan Erskine

 Harlan Erskine made his "black sun" photographs in 2008. Here you can see in this photo he was published in 2012 in American Photo Magazine.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Using the Sun

I've started to look at three photographers using a similar concept.  Chris McCaw, Hans-Christian Schink, and Jonathan Kline.  It seems that Chris McCaw may have tried out the idea first, but it's hard to know for sure. Some photographers put a lot of photos on their websites, but omit the year it was created! All three make very interesting photos. Timed exposures using the sun to either burn marks in a paper negative, or the use of a pinhole camera with film - even though the idea is basically the same, they each have made it their own. 

 Candela Books has published a book of Chris McCaw's work on the Sunburn images.

Chris McCaw

Chris McCaw
Hans-Christian Schink

Jonathan Kline

Friday, January 4, 2013

Local Houston Sculptor

 Copy on the Right located at the Pearland Police Station
A local Houston sculptor, Bob Pack has been pursuing a copyright infringement lawsuit after seeing double at the Pearland police department.  The lawsuit has since been settled in favor of Bob Pack.
Pack lives in Sugarland and has produced many legendary sculptures to honor soldiers and major sports figures.  He also produces bronze sculptures of birds of the Gulf Coast.

It's interesting and encouraging that the copy is not exactly like the true original, and he still won!  Good for him, and good for other artists that have had similar situations. 

Bob Pack

Bob Pack