Sunday, March 24, 2013


The Art of Slinkachu

Slinkachu has created art that is unique, and humorous.  I've found 2 people this weekend at the Bayou City Arts Festival that are doing the same thing.  It's hard to know who came first.






Lorri Honeycutt
I saw art that is very similar to Slinkachu's at the Bayou City Arts Festival this weekend.

Audrey Heller
This work is also at the Bayou City Arts Festival.

Christopher Boffoli

I've already written about Christopher Boffoli and his problems with
Twitter.  It is hard to tell who came up with this idea first.  If I saw any one
of the these photos on it's own, it would be hard to figure out who did it.  The only person 
that stands out for me is Slinkachu.  The urban settings and some of the "dark" situations 
make this work much more interesting than the rest.