Friday, January 31, 2014

Post It

I'm posting the images and the dates.  That's all.

Kristy Peet 2013

Marl Leong 2011


Photographs of Shattered Glass

Deborah Bay 2012
Christine Bruni Fondren 2004

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz  is a Spanish photographer born in 1958.  He is known for his dramatic black and white surrealist work.

I am not writing about him because I think he has copied my work. Many artists use the book as their subjects and his photographs are very different from mine.

  I have found photographs from an Israeli photographer that are very similar to Madoz.

                                         Rubi Lebovitch  

Chema Madoz

Rubi Lebovitch
Chema Madoz

Rubi Lebovitch

Chema Madoz

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Ellen Cantor Photograph 2013.  Not a new idea at this time.  Check her website.  I believe her statement sounds vaguely familiar.  I think that possilby her forte appears to be more in the moldy food genre. 

The Photos below are Mine from 2011. They were exhibited at Desantos Gallery for Fotofest 2012.

Cara Barer "Archived" 2011

Cara Barer "Accumulation" 2011

Doug Keyes Imitation!

Doug Keyes is know for his multiple exposures of books and other subjects.  His works are sophisticated and thoughtful. His photographs can be viewed online and at KLOMPCHING Gallery
The first record that I have found of his book photos is from 2001.

Ellen Cantor is arriving a little late to the book ideas that Doug has been exploring for quite some time now.  This is some of her work from 2013.

Ellen Cantor 2013

Ellen Cantor 2013